Our History

Rated Ill Records is the label that came from the RI crew that was established in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2001. The Rated Ill crew's original founders include Haven Herrera, Christopher Diaz & Timothy Herrera. 

Although Rated Ill's company founders were established as an official entity in 2001, many peers contributed to the concepts, flavor and style that we now see. From break dancers such as Rated Ill Breakers, B-boy Kombust & B-girl Awoke and more to Graff writers Dvowr, Presh, Centr, Jeyes, Easer (RIP), TSF, AQR and more. Also included in Rated Ill's long list of devout legion are notable DeeJays such as DJ Funk10, DJ ScottFree, DJ 501 and more. Lastly Rated Ill is widely known for it's Emcee's & Producers, mostly because the emcee is such a visible element in Hiphop. The legacy of Rated Ill emcee's and producers includes ILLFLUENT, Solid Savage, Big Wyno, Atrox (RIP), Leegoddess, Fumes The Threat, Ibis Giant, Reazon, Xcellentz, Truth B. Tolled, Babble-Ahn, Doc One, Jon Wang, and more.

The Rated Ill Squad has deep roots in Hiphop Culture. Producing some of the most notable Hiphop events in the country. Starting with Bboy Centrix's infamous college Hiphop house parties where he was first introduced to a young impressionable emcee Big Wyno know then as simply Wyno. It was at one of these party's where Wyno got the idea to throw a Hiphop event call Cryptic Cypher at Apex Tattoo's North Avenue location. This Emcee and B-boy competition saw Wyno and Bboy Centrix meeting agian with Bboy Centrix taking first place in the 16 man one on one Bboy battle. That next summer saw Bboy Centrix throwing the first Skilfest a free emcee/ bboy battle at the park. Wyno & Centrix shared ideas about how to make each event bigger and better, until one day Wyno suggested collaborating instead of competing. After hours of discussions and ideas, Bboy Centrix and Wyno agreed that they would turn their focus to Skilfest. Turning Skilfest 3 & 4 into the biggest Hiphop events in the four corner region of Colorado, Arizona, Utah & New Mexico. With major sponsors from Coca-Cola to local sponsors like Enstrom's Candies. These amazing events included not just Emcee/ Bboy battles but DeeJay & Aerosol Art Exhibitions and Car shows to name a few features. 

Throughout it all the artistic styling and flavor of Presh led the way for Rated Ill along with the Rated Ill team he took the lead and continued to develop the designs and look for the Rated Ill brand, as we inked an official partnership in 2006 to take the brand to the next level. With various bumps in the road the core of the Rated Ill Familia always stayed together. 

Now in this new climate of wackness Rated Ill has positioned itself as the Hiphop Cultures premier Record Label and Clothing line. Our familia continues to grow and we will keep moving. Join the Rated Ill Squad today!

Why be average, when you can be RATED ILL !!